Why I can't write in the RediCraft discord guild and why do I have pretty less channels?

This is because you have not yet "verified" yourself.

To do this, simply go to the top of the channel list to the channel #welcome and respond with the :check_mark_button: .

After that the guest role will be changed into the player role and you can now see and interact much more.

In #roles we offer some roles that you can "claim" yourself.

Among others there are some language roles as well as various roles like "aspiring Developer" or "Pets and Creatures".

Please keep in mind that the whole Discord may only be used with the English language with the exception of the language rooms. There the chosen language is allowed.

We also have a self-written Discord bot, which is used for moderation and administration. All messages that are sent on the server are stored encrypted to be able to act in case of a violation. Deleting messages is therefore usually useless.


How can I verify myself with my minecraft account on discord?

It's very simple!

Go to our Discord server (if you're not on it, you can do it here), verify yourself first to get access to the whole server.

Then go to the "GENERAL" category, find the channel #bot-commands and write cb!verify <your Minecraft name> into it and send it. (You have to be on the MC server for this!).

If it is correct, then you will get the role "MC Verified" and you will get access to a new category. These contain all channels of the game server.

Please keep your messages as short as possible, the bot limits messages. If your message is longer than 250 characters, it will not be transferred to the game server.

Otherwise it will - Please don't use emotes, don't ping anyone in them.

Please use the global-chat only if it is necessary! Please always prefer the channel to whose server you want to write.